Role Playing Rules

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Role Playing Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:41 am

Alright, there will be Four types of chat, with Four different ratings.

Private- Only specified people can post
Closed- People could have joined earlier, but not now
Open- Anyone can join, people tend to prefer it if you don't join mid-way, but you can. Can be closed off from general public.
Quest- Only People from the first Ten posts can participate. These are meant to be long demon killing missions, ordered by the current gods.

Child Friendly-CF- No blood, No swears, No hinting to violence, No alcohol. Basically wimp rating.
Parental Guidance-PG- Only small amounts of blood, paper cuts and bruises, still no alcohol, no killing just knocking out or capturing.
Teen-T- Alright, this is where I get lenient. Limbs can be cut off, killing and larger amounts of blood are allowed just not in overly vicious ways, no organs, alcohol is allowed to be mentioned just not allowed to be drank.
Mature: Everything is on the table, do whatever you want.


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